Change Your Character: Nine Hexagrams for Rebirth – Opens Jan 1st 2022

Lakshmi · January 22, 2021

Change Your Character: Nine Hexagrams for Rebirth is a course of study and mentorship using the I Ching, an ancient Chinese divination system that is based upon mathematical principles found in the DNA system and the binary system. It is a philosophy designed yo help you change, as the I Ching’s main teaching is that CHANGE is the only constant.

Although applicable to anyone interested in self-knowledge and character development, the course was primarily created to support FEAT applicants who are preparing, navigating, and integrating an ibogaine treatment for opioid addiction.

Ibogaine is one of the most powerful entheogenic medicines known to humans. Apart from having a powerful psychedelic effect, it is also the only plant medicine we know of today that actually interrupts opioid addiction on a physiological level in a single flood-dose treatment, resetting the brain neurons to a pre-addicted state without any withdrawals.

This miraculous reset then becomes a window of opportunity for the person to change directions in life. It requires discipline, courage, and a support system, and this course is one of the pillars of that support.

What is the I Ching?

The I Ching is an ancient Chinese tome, that was written for a time when the Way had already been lost, such as those we face today. Climate change, whether man-made or not is happening before our eyes, other factors of population, politics, and polarity alienate us and put us at risk at the hands of each other. We as a species are going have to change and evolve– like it or not– in order to respond to the challenges of our time.

The I Ching is called a book of Divination, in other words to ‘divine’ the answer to a life situation rather than to employ a solely logical thought process. In order to do this, one needs an accurate map of probablities. And that is what the I Ching provides, a map of the branching of probabilties with a matrix of possible contextual changes available to YOU, the person in question consulting the oracle. 

These changes are a template for Consciousness, in all its archetypes, much as the DNA is a blueprint for Life.

Both the DNA and the I Ching are built on the same number system, a system of branching, which Jack Cross, Awake co-founder, and author of the blog series The Polemics of Jack, calls the ‘Principle of Bifurcation.’ Bifurcation (bi-forking) is basically the way in which reality branches out into different paths of probability based on our response to our current moment in thought, word and deed.

Thus every moment is a preparation for the next.  I Ching, hexagram _

We alter the past by telling a different story about it. Thus a story about betrayal and jealousy might become a story about forgiveness and discernment. 

We alter the present by simply being present in it, and in this course we learn tools and techniques for doing just that.

And from that presence and attention in the moment, we will map the blueprint for a different future that allows you to redeem and make good your life after ibogaine.

How the Course is Structured

At the beginning of each month, after enrollment, you will receive a lesson in your email about the hexagram for that month. You may try to understand its meaning, first intellectually, then experientially. We will meet at the end of the month via Zoom to discuss the lesson, and every week there will be some self-study assignments that will be delivered to your email.

At the monthly class we will have guest lectures by different mentors or masters on topics related to our journey such as preparation, navigation, integration, and healing techniques, including detox, nutrition, set and setting, language, breathing, yoga, emotional alchemy, neurochemistry, mystery, history and more.

For FEAT Applicants:

For those who are taking the course as a part of the FEAT program there will be specific detox protocols to follow based on what substances you are taking, as well as blood panel tests and possibly other requirements the clinic you will be going to may have.

FEAT applicants will also be creating and publishing their Crowdfunding Campaign and profile page during the first month of the course.

Course Information

Estimated Time: Nine months

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Instructor

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Course Information

Estimated Time: Nine months

Difficulty: Beginner