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joinus redpill is a non-profit social impact network for the entheogenic community.
Our mission is to help end opioid addiction by providing individual preparation, treatment, and integration grants and guidance for ibogaine and other treatments through our non-profit FEAT program, currently in pilot. Our goal is to raise $1M for 100 ibogaine treatments at an approved clinic. We also provide access to a global Directory of practitioners— doctors, healers, psychedelic integration providers, and complementary modalities.




Ibogaine is an entheogenic plant medicine that can reset the body to a pre-addicted state, even with the most persistent and deadly hard addictions like opioids, meth, alcohol, and even sugar. The reset happens during a 12-24 hour psychedelic experience during which the patient receives life lessons while the addiction receptors in the body are being reset. This has been known since 1962, and today in 2020, there are perhaps under a 100 clinics or retreat centers of  all over the world, in places where it is legal or decr